Undecided SOL14 #31

Last year I ended the challenge with a list poem of the titles of all my slices. While I wanted to write and do something different this year my mind is too jumble with wedding and wedding shower preparations, sub plans, conference tomorrow, our state’s education issues, and just day to day jumbledness. So I have decided to once again write my list poem of Slicing titles and maybe by Tuesday I will have it unjumbled enough to write about. Thank you Two Writing Teacher's Blog it has been full of fun, learning, and friends old and new! 

Thirty One Days of Slicing Heaven!
Cupcake Heaven
Wedding Shopping
Short and Sweet
If This Table Could Talk
I Am Very Flexible
A Day Full of Cuteness
My Husband's Long Time Love Affair
My life
A Family History of Storytelling
The Storyteller
A Serious Slice About THE Standards
Bird, Cat, or Dog? You Decide!
I Am Still ...
Crammed Full
Hello There...
Don't Rush...
I Could...
Spring Weirdness
Been gone so long
They're Just So Giving
All Stitched Up
Coming Home
Snow Day
Pusher or Nudger
Lasting Lessons!

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