Wedding Shopping SOL14 # 29

Hurrying to get this slice in.
A fun filled day of wedding shopping for the men this time. Today it was all about the groom, my son. We met his best man and grooms man in Oklahoma City today to get fitted for tuxes, buy shoes, and find honeymoon clothes.
Boys Men are much easier than the girls. They take a no frills attitude and get what they want, with no time wasted. We had shoes in less than five minutes and tuxes in under thirty minutes after waiting two hours to be waited on.
It was a joy to spend the day with these men and my daughter and daughter in law to be. Time is getting closer... 


  1. I am impressed you got all of the guys together! It is true they are nor frills... good thing the ladies were there to keep an eye on them!

  2. How cute and what a great DIY idea for a wedding, I'm married so I am thinking put a plant in it and make it a great teachers gift!

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