Knock Knock...Who's There??

Yoo hoo Hello there psst yeah you over thereremember me? I know I know it’s been like FOREVER. Butttttt I’ve been busy you know. Busy TESTING my poor little first graders for THREE weeks. Busy trying to find the perfect mother of the groom dressnot too dressy, not too slouchy. Busy hostessing the wedding shower to end all wedding showersok it was just a shower, but a nice shower. I even showered for it ha haa haa snort snot. AND busy counting down the days to the last days of school and wedding to do list!
We are finally DONE testing. Why we have to test SO much in first grade I will never understand. I mean really as if I don’t already know these kiddos inside and out. Really! I was very proud of their scores. I had one kiddo that score a 7.3 reading level. WOW! Pretty cool since he came in at a K.9. It just shows what parental involvement does, because there is no way to see that type of growth without parents that are consistent, and READ with their children Every. Single. Day.
This week we are trying to get back to normal. As normal as you can with only 20 some days (ok 21 there are 21 days left yes I know this down to the last minute) left. We have been writing biographies, learning about the weather, trying to remember how to stay in line, not talk nonstop and keep our hands to ourselvesyou know just like the first weeks of school because apparently warm weather erases all memory of rules and procedures. OH and tomorrow we will have a visit from one of my lovely’s new pet pig. That should keep them calm and quiet! NOT!
I’ve got a lot to do in my 20 short days left. I hope I can squeeze it all in!
How many more days for you?   
Here I a few snap shots of THE shower. IT was nice. It was a shower:) 
The spread

The Welcome Sign

The Couple

The center piece 

The Money/Wish Tree

The Daughter and me

The Afghan made by my bestie 

The Card holder

The funny wishes written by guests