Short Week Full of Learning! SOL

Today is Tuesday and April 1st time to Slice each week instead of each day! Join the TWT on Tuesday's to write about just a slice of your life. 
Today was an extra treat to a long weekend. No school yesterday because of teacher conferences, and a math conference today. YAY! Four day weekend and two day work week (personal day Friday).
We went to Tulsa again today for a math conference by Kim Sutton. It was one of the best conferences I have been to in a while.
She was very knowledgeable about math and the common core. We made some great activities to use with our kiddos. I discovered some new professional books to add to my list, and I jotted down some great quotes.
The books I discovered was Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov and Practice Perfect by the same author. And Music with the Brain in Mind  by Eric P. Jensen. They have been added to my Amazon wish list for this summer.
A couple of the quotes I jotted from Kim were- “Teaching math does not work the way it was taught for us, children do not learn that way.” And “Practice it enough and it will become something you get.”
I like these. They make me think and rethink.
I am excited to go to school tomorrow (for my two days). I think it’s time for a Math Day! 


  1. I'll let you enjoy your math day! I tell my students that there is a reason I teach English. I do like the quotes you shared from the conference. They apply to reading and writing as well as math--especially "Practice it enough and it will become something you get."

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