The End With The Beginning in Mind!

I'm Blogging today, and linking up with the weekly Slice of Lifers at The Two Writing Teachers. It's been awhile. I have missed them, and my blog. I hope you stop by for a visit. I hope to be a better blogger and writer this summer.

Schoooooool’s out for summer!
And of course I’m already contemplating next year’s crop. I thought I may have had some new and exciting news to share, and a new room to renovate. But alas my request was denied.
I asked Mr. Principal if I could move to second grade next year for a change of pace, a new adventure, a bit of difference. But he said he would prefer I stayed in first grade. We have to hire some new teachers, and he did not want to put a new teacher in first grade since it is such an important year.
Hold the phone! I was once a new teacher in first grade! But whatever. I am good either way. Second grade would have been fun, but I really would have missed my bestest teacher buddy because she would have been alllllll the way down the hall instead of just across from meJ.
So today while out and about with my kiddo looking at wedding things, I was also contemplating my next year. “I want something new,” I lamented.  “Help me figure it out.”
She started throwing out ideas, “bees again?” “Nah.” “Cupcakes? Whales? Monkeys? Trucks? Polka Dots? Lady Bugs” Nah to them all. “I’ve done most of those.”
And then as we meandered through Joann’s Fabric. She spotted what she thought would be perfect. I smiled. “Maybe.” “Come on it’ll be perfect!” “You can do this, and this, and this, and have this and this, and that.” She was infectious.
“Ok” I agreed. We came up with the perfect signage for the classroom door, and bought a couple of inspirational pieces. Outside I was smiling at her enthusiasm. Inside I was thinking yep this girl is made to be a teacher!
I’m not letting her idea out just yet. But here’s a hintit fits nicely with my 50th birthday in September! It’s a long time until August. But I am excited already for the next school year even if it is in my same old room and same old grade. I am ok with that.      


  1. Looking forward to hearing what this is all about. Happy Summer!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I was so excited to see what you found, then nothing.... :( That is okay. I am patient even though I am also looking for a new design for my classroom. Next year I will be teaching 4th grade instead of 2nd grade. Very scary for me. I have never taught 4th before. I want something that is a little bit more grown up for my fourth graders but have not found it yet. Maybe I need to go shopping with you and your kiddos. :) Have a super summer break.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  3. Yep, I'm in line to hear as well.... I don't really have a single theme. Just following interests each year as we talk, learn, read about "stuff." My math board is called Monster Math, though, because I do love little monsters :) Kathleen from Kidpeople Classroom