Currently June!

It’s been such a long time since I have joined in Farley’scurrently. I decided to take a few minutes this evening and join in the fun.
I have been such a bad blogger. If I was given a grade for my blogging skills these past few months it would surely be an F!
It’s been a busy few months around the Klinger household. We are planning a wedding. Well I am planning the food portion of the wedding, and my son and his fiancé are planning the rest of the glorious day. It’s only a few days away and now I am feeling a little panicked about my workmanship. I just really hope it all taste as great as we want and that there is no rain for a beautiful outside wedding and reception.
My bucket list is short and sweet this summer. Since our state is in limbo about the Common Core, and my school is in limbo of what grade I will be teaching, my list has nothing to do about school.
In other newsI wrote our Governor an email this afternoon imploring her to veto the bill that will do away with the common core in our state. We’ve spent years getting ready for these standards, and now POOF they want to back track ten years. It just makes no sense to me. Not only will it hurt our schools it will keep the teachers and students competing nationally. No more TpT for Oklahoma teachers. Who wants to buy products that only pertain to our state? No more national conferences they won’t be relevant to us. Just crazy.
One week from tomorrow we will preparing the wedding venue for the big day. Keep your fingers crossed the taco bar is yummy for the rehearsal dinner and the 100lbs of meat I have in my freezer is not dry for the reception!  


  1. I have been a slacking in the blogging department too! Hope the wedding goes wonderfully! Enjoy your summer!

  2. Hi Tammy! Nice to meet you. Ah, the big wedding day! So exciting for your family. I am a little ways off yet from that, but it is at least imaginable now. Michigan is putting CCSS into use next year, though there are many things going on that will make everything about school difficult. Education is not what it used to be. I teach kindergarten but am happy to hear about what you're doing in first- following. DO enjoy your summer! Kathleen from Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Nice to hear all about what's happening, Tammy. Best wishes in that fabulous wedding! And for all the angst at school-ugh!

  4. Congratulations on the wedding, who can blame you for not blogging. Would love to see pictures :)
    First Grade Dual