It's a Book Party and I'm Going!

Today I’m linking up with Deanna Jump’s Let’s Talk AboutBooks Linky Party. I have sooooo many books I love from When I was Young in The Mountains to Gooney Bird Green. I Love teaching reading, reading, taking about reading, learning about reading and writing for reading. I just love BOOKS and STORIES! So this linky is right up my alleyor should I say “book shelves?”
Today I am going to tell you about a book I discovered this spring. It is by a new author and has to be hands down the best book I have read in a long time. I bought it to read for my enjoyment, but after just a few pages into the book I knew it was a story I had to share with my kiddos.
It is a young adult fantasy book. And at first I thought it might be too long for my firsties. But after a just a few minutes of reading I could tell they too were hooked! The language and imagery this author uses is amazing. She draws you in and leaves you wanting for more.   
We read a chapter every day and found ourselves drawing out our mental images to share, making character analysis’s, discovering and learning new vocabulary and making up our own! It became the thing the kids looked forward to each day, and would beg for more when it was time to stop, even after the recess bell rang!
The book not only teaches a wide array of vocabulary and language use, it evokes the feeling of serendipity and procures a need to do better, be better. All wrapped up in a little magic and good deeds from two unsuspecting friends.
I taught everything from literary elements to musical terms, voice, writing, vocabulary, and character education just from this book.
If you have never heard of Natalie Loyd. If you have never read A Snicker of Magic, for yourself or in a classroom, DO IT NOW! You must get to know Felicity and the Beedle, and discover the magic behind a small southern town, its ice cream, and the people that live there.  It is the best feel good, lessons teaching, fun vocabulary rich, magically endearing book you will have read in a very long time. And shhhhhh don’t tell my kiddos but I’m going to read it again this summer just for ME!
You can get A Snicker of Magic here. You can see Natalie’s blog here. And you can join her facebook page here.

I am planning to read it earlier in the year next year, and do all kinds of wonderful activities with it, especially skyping with Natalie! In Felicity’s words this book and its author are spinddily!
Head on over to Deanna's to see all the other great books bloggers are talking about! 
Happy Reading!     


  1. You sound very convincing. I'm pinning!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. This looks like a wonderful book! I have never seen it before--so it has been added to my list of must buys this summer! Just found your blog today and am a new follower...


  3. Tammy, I am BEAMING! Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm honored you'd bring the book into your classroom. It's so exciting to read about how your students connected with it. The fact that they wanted to hear more is the best compliment. :) Thank you so much!