It's a Sunday Smorgasbord Linky (and Smorgasbord is not a first grade word so I learned how to spell something new!)

So as I sit here all alone this morning listening to the sounds of hubby’s snoring, daughter’s tossing and turning and the cat’s rampage, I’ve been trolling through blogs I haven’t visited in a while. I have come to one conclusion. I have missed SO much!
I kinda feel like that bad friend that only remembers to call or write to her old dear friends when it’s convenient for her. I am bad. I feel bad. So that is my goal for this summer. Be a better friend. Be a better commenter and joiner inner.
I’m off to a pretty good start I have linked up for two parties already this week. And today I have found another one right up my alley. Michelle at Fabulous in First hosts a Sunday Smorgasbord! Perfect! I am nothing if not random that’s for sure. SO here it is my randomness for this week.
First- I am getting a little anxious THE wedding is this Friday and I have 100 pounds of meat in my fridges that have to be cooked smoked and transported to Catoosa (about 2 hours away) along with enough veggies, salad, and rolls to feed 100. I am worried the meat may not be as moist as I want so I am thinking up ways to keep its yumminess intact.
Second-I am loving mine and hubby’s new hammock. I probably should have waited until AFTER the wedding to get it though because all I want to do now is read and lay in the hammockSaturday right?

Third- I need a new bra before this wedding. TMI? I need one with a t back so that I don’t have straps showing in wedding pictures! This stuff is important I tell ya!! And I'm sure it will make me look just like the girl in the picture! 

Fourth- I really didn’t want to be the “fat mom” at the wedding. But alas it is meant to be I guess. I have lost about twenty pounds since last summer, but that is about 60 off my goalok maybe not 60 but stillanyway I lost the last 12 by drinking this stuff that my daughter convinced me to drink. It is called Plexus. It tastes like a cherry tootsie roll. But here’s the problem(s). 1. I don’t like drinking anything besides water, tea (unsweet) and diet pepsi. I don’t like sweet all that well. And 2. I HATE anything cherry!! So it was an act of congress to get me to swallow the stuff. I finally figured out if I drink it through a straw I do ok. I really do feel better drinking it, and they say it is excellent for leveling out blood sugar. All I know is I drink TONS of water and I have lost 12 more poundswhich is because of the water I’m sure.
And Finally- Don’t forget my giveaway from The Copper StateCowgirl you will LOVE her stuff! You can read all about it here AND you can earn an extra entry if you share about the giveaway on facebook, pintrest, or your blog! Just comment with your link! I’ll be announcing the winner next Sunday!     

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