Monday, Monday

I promised myself I would blog today. And clean. And put away the laundry. And cook. So far I have put away the laundry. I cleaned our bedroom. I am in the process of cooking supper. And I have put off blogging.
I don’t have anything exciting to blog about. No wedding pictures yet. No vacation plans. And since our great state has done away with the common core my professional development I had planned has been cancelled.
I have been reading though, and am excited about the latest book I ordered. It is called The Writing Thief written by Ruth Culham. 

It is so good. I’m already about half way through and have already found many great tips and ideas. I like that she has asked different authors how they have “stolen” from other authors and who they are. She has snippets from people like Lester Laminack, Ralf Fletcher, and Toni Buzzio.
You may know Ruth from her books about the “6 Traits of Writing.” I read those years ago, and seem to be the base of many writing workshops and writing curriculum. There are shadows of it in my first grade writing workshop, but I have never actually “taught” the 6 traits. Meaning I have never “named” them that in my teaching. Like the title of her book suggests I have taught my kids to be “writing thieves.” We study other great authors and then have a go at that type (or mode) of writing ourselves.
There are many things I like in this book, and one of them I have marked to refer back to is at the beginning when she states “ Start Here: Stop Doing Dumb Things” You can’t get any more plain than that! She even gives a list of “dumb things” And a list of ways to correct them! Score!!.
That’s about it for this Monday. My kids are home from their honeymoon in Jamaica

and my girl is gearing up for her trip to the Cayman's in a few weeks. We are off tomorrow to find a cute suit for her to wear. I am staying home watching helping Mr. Klingercafe on his new shop/garage. So goes the never ending excitement of my life!
But I WILL blog again this week. I have some things to SHARE! Lookie what I found to go in the classroom this year. 
And can you guess what a water bottle, Oriental Trading, and a birthday bash have in common? Check back soon and you’ll find out! 

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  1. I'd really like to know what the "dumb" things are. I have a feeling I have been doing them. You've got me wandering about your upcoming project. ;P I guess I'll have to come back again! lol
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