A Revamping and Turmoil

It is AUGUST people! I can’t believe July is out the door. I don’t know why I can’t believe it. It happens this way every year, July 4th rolls around and BAM summer is gone. Over. Finished. Nothing but a memory. It’s sadsville I tell ya.
And now here it is August 1st and I’ve been in my room one time. ONE TIME! I am usually the one sitting back saying “well you should have come sooner.” But not this year. This year I will be one of the late nighters trying to stuff things where they don’t belong. I can see the tears now.
Why am I this way this year you ask? Well it could be that the wedding wore me out (and we are STILL waiting on pictures). It could be that I am living in lazy-land. It might be that I’m in denial. OR it could be that I STILL don’t know for sure what grade I’ll be teaching.
Yep you read that right. School starts in twenty days and I still don’t know for sure if I will be teaching first grade again, if I will be teaching second grade, or if I will be doing a first second split! WHAT??? Yep a first second split. I don’t even know HOW to teach a 1-2 split!! How is that possible? How does it work? Please if you have insight enlighten me, cause I have a sneaky feeling that is where my year is heading. HELP!
SO I haven’t been completely unproductive this summer. I have made a few new things, and revamped a few others. This week I overhauled my first of school assessment book. If you own it you can go and re-download it here. If you want to see how I use them you can read about them here. And if you’d like a copy of your own leave a comment and I’ll send it to a few of ya.

Wish me luck next week I should know after Tuesday what my year will look like LTurmoil. Every year. Just once I’d like to try CALM J  


  1. Well I really do wish you luck, Tammy. Whenever will it be decided? I just finished a week of helping interview for a new teacher-last minute move for a teacher that will be missed, but things change, & he had to move (wife's new position!). I've worked a little too, but have been gone a lot, & we have a new head, who seems wonderful BTW, but it will be a "new" year, so guess we're all waiting... Hope those pics come soon!

  2. I wondered where you had been. I was living lazyland too, but have finally got a few things going. I think with a first second split you will find a lot of the skills are similar, but the second grade just goes a little deeper. Also I would think as the year goes on, the second graders will become more and more independent. When I had that k-1st split last year, I thought I had done a terrible job with the kdg, but I have had several parents tell me their children learned so much with me. I think they were picking up stuff from the second graders. I hate that you have been in limbo for so long...that really stinks!
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  3. Lazyland is actually a nice place to visit and you probably haven't been there in ages so give yourself permission. I hope you find out what you're teaching soon., It must be stressful! I'm stressed for you!