Knock Knock Who's Still There??

I really want to write, really I do. I think about it all the time. I think I should write this. Or maybe this. Oh I know I’ll write about that. And then I don’t. I don’t know why. Really I don’t I have time. I have ideas (sorta). I just haven’t. I have probably been expelled from the blogging community. But that is ok. I can start over. Sometimes starting over is fun. That’s what I’ll do I’ll begin againagainJ.
Hello my name is Tammy and I teach first nope second grade this year. And all I have to say about that is itttttttssssss harrrrrddddd. Can you hear the whine? I don’t mean it’s hard in the way first grade is hard because there is so much to get through AND teach the kiddos to read. I mean it is hard in the way that the kids areare.areolder? Different? Less lovey? Less needy? Yes that’s it. They just don’t need ME as much L. I KNOW! It is SO hard!
Really I have to say it is kind of refreshing to let them go earlier than you do in first grade. Sometimes. It’s exciting to watch them do more (especially knowing I was part of what got them there). It’s rewarding to have them take the lead on many things.
This month I am giving them their chance at being the teacher. Because you know they ALL want to be the teacher. I have given them a few subjects to choose from to research and “teach.” I have been so impressed! They have done an amazing job. We will be doing it again next month with a few Christmasy topics. It should be fun!

I’ll leave you with a few photos of my room this year. This is another change that I am in love with. I have been in this room before. Ten years ago. I hope I don’t have to move for another ten!

I have learned that the Expo Neon markers make for great writing on my windows. The fire marshal came early this year and was quite picky, so anchor charts are at a minimum, so my windows have become my anchor charts! Those and my super cool blackboard cupboards!

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I will try to do better!   


  1. Hi Tammy, Yes, it's been a while, but it is catch as catch can for most of us. And if you've changed grades AND changed rooms, then good grief, you have good reason. I love your blackboard cupboard doors. Take care and see you around. Kathleen

  2. Welcome back. You've been missed. Your room looks great by the way.