Focus on 2015

Things I have learned in 2014. We can get through anything together. The people I call friends and family are always there when you need them. You learn more when you listen with your whole heart. My adult children continue to amaze me and make me so proud to call them mine. Putting yourself first once in a while is ok. No matter what your age there is always room to grow and learn and change. Faith is born in actions not words and true faith is something that comes from within you, not within walls (ok I already knew this one). My husband can accomplish amazing things with a little sweat and determination (and some encouragement from me). The ones who come when called on for help will never be able to be repaid in whole, but sometimes that’s ok, they don’t do it for that.  We may not go home for a long time but when we do it’s still home and we’re still welcome. Exercise is better with a friend. 5k is a long way, but a fulfilling accomplishment. And most importantly life is too short for regrets or worry, use your hours wisely, make your days meaningful, and your years worthwhile because it could all slip away tomorrow. 
My one little word this year is Focus. Focus on the good. Focus on the worthy. Focus on being better. Focus on the now. Focus on what matters and who matters not on what or who doesn’t.
Happy New Year. My wish for you in 2015 is a year filled with blessings big and small and the focus to know that they are. 

14 in 14 Linky Party and I decided to Play Along!

I haven’t blogged in ages but my friend Kristin aka The Teeny Tiny Teacher and her buddies are having a fun linky party and since this is the day after the best Christmas ever!  I thought a party sounded fun. It’s a 14 for 14 linky party and you should party with us.

Enough said! 
Ehh that's a hard one. I am not a lover of clothes. I mean I love wearing them I'm just not a fashionista of any kind. If I had to pick I guess I'd have to say a pair a jeans I got at Maurices last summer. They're ankle length and really faded and comfy. No pictures sorry I'm not a fan of those either. 

Since I only watched about two new movies this year I guess I'd have to say A Fault In Our Stars. It was a tear jerker for sure. 

I love the new series "How To Get Away With Murder" can you hear the lady saying that as you read it? But still my all time favorite is The Good Wife. It is a must see every Sunday night even if it's late because of football, and makes me super tired on Monday! 
Well there are not a lot of choices in our big ol town but we did get a new Freddy's this past year and I have to admit I have spent my share of time there. Other than that my kids moved to Tulsa last summer and we have learned about Osaka Grill. Yummmmo. I see a trip over the break to visit it...I mean my kids. 

My friend and I tried water aerobics this past summer and for a girl that hates water I have to say it's quite fun. I've been slacking between the holidays but we have plans to go back this Monday. I have missed it. 
That would have to be my new dishwasher. My kids planned a surprise birthday party for me this year (yes it was THAT one). They not only planned the party they got everyone to chip in and get me a new dishwasher. OH.MY.WORD. I was so surprised and so so so happy. I have ever told you how amazing me kids are? Yeah I know...but really they are! 

That's a hard one...I pin, and pin, and pin. I like to pin. I pin and then pin again. it's hard to pick a favorite...But I really like this idea for a bathroom and think I'll make it a project for this break...or spring break...or summer break...
Has to be the one about my kid's wedding. It was the highlight of my year. So amazing and beautiful! Just absolutely perfect. 
Read all about it and the first of my school year here

Has and always be my kids. I have the most amazing adult children. They were the greatest when they were young, but now that they are young adults they amaze me every day with the choices they make in their lives. Another accomplishment I am a little proud of this year was my move from first to second grade. It was a last minute move and I think I have transitioned pretty well after being  in the same grade for 12 years. I hope it's not a one year only move now that I'm getting the hang of it. 
Ohhh that for sure is a hard one. So so many beautiful wedding photos this year, and pictures of Hadley that we took this fall. Here are three, sorry I couldn't do just one. 
 I love this because it shows the joy Hadley exudes for life and for others. She is such an inspiration. You can't imagine the joy she brings to my life. 

 I love this one because this is my family, my life. 

 I love this because these two are the most important men in my life, and are such protectors and strength of this family. They are one and the same. 
The memories of 2014 are great and abundant. I don't think I can pick just one, my cup runneth over. 

My goals for 2015 are long and carry over from 2014. I want to continue to learn, and grow. I want to simplify and renew. I want to find strength when I need it, and silence when it's loud. I want to lead, and follow, give and find the grace when I need to receive.  I want find time for me and make my health a priority. I want to wander and stay put. I want to be the best me I can be. 

Focus. Focus is something I have been saying to myself every morning lately, and something I try to remind myself of often. So I think something is telling me it must be what my word should be for this year and something I need to remember. Focus!