Focus on 2015

Things I have learned in 2014. We can get through anything together. The people I call friends and family are always there when you need them. You learn more when you listen with your whole heart. My adult children continue to amaze me and make me so proud to call them mine. Putting yourself first once in a while is ok. No matter what your age there is always room to grow and learn and change. Faith is born in actions not words and true faith is something that comes from within you, not within walls (ok I already knew this one). My husband can accomplish amazing things with a little sweat and determination (and some encouragement from me). The ones who come when called on for help will never be able to be repaid in whole, but sometimes that’s ok, they don’t do it for that.  We may not go home for a long time but when we do it’s still home and we’re still welcome. Exercise is better with a friend. 5k is a long way, but a fulfilling accomplishment. And most importantly life is too short for regrets or worry, use your hours wisely, make your days meaningful, and your years worthwhile because it could all slip away tomorrow. 
My one little word this year is Focus. Focus on the good. Focus on the worthy. Focus on being better. Focus on the now. Focus on what matters and who matters not on what or who doesn’t.
Happy New Year. My wish for you in 2015 is a year filled with blessings big and small and the focus to know that they are. 

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