A Great Idea (I hope) and SOL

I'm gearing up for the March Slice of Life story challenge at TWT! I'm doing my best to slice every Tuesday until March and then every day in March! You should join in and Slice too!

Next week we are having our yearly professional development day at our school. Every January we have a PD day on one Monday, and I have to say most yearsit is torture. It is a day that usually is planned by Mr. Principal or an appointed committee and most often revolves around some new state mandated rule, or team building. Every year I think ugh what a waste of my time, and as I look around I see the same look on the face of others.
But this year I (and two others) are in charge of our day. I had a whole list of ideas, but decided the best direction would be to get everyone’s idea. I sent out a survey, tallied the results, made a schedule, added food, and BAM we have our day planned. I hope that this year’s scheduled day is not the day of boredom it has been in the past. If not at least we’ll have FOOD!
I had an epiphany this weekend about writing. One of the suggestions for our PD day was to have a school wide writing curriculum. Now I know I have different ideas about writing than most of my contemporaries. For one I don’t believe writing comes from a curriculum or script. Writers come from writing, and at the end of the day that is what we all want writers, not writing Getting others to understand that is the hard part.
So this weekend I was thinking of a way we as a school could get all teachers to “teach” writing without stressing them out or telling them how to “teach” it. My mind traveled back to when we wanted our reading scores to improve, and the solution was to have a time every day for nothing but reading. Silent reading. My thought was that that was what we need for writing.  A time every day that the students write. Just write. No matter what grade, what age, just write. Conventions can be taught during language, spelling, or reading.
If every grade did this every day then when they hit fifth grade and the dreaded writing test they would already be writers (which was the complaint that got me thinking). Mr. Principal thought it was a good idea. Now it’s convincing the teachers!   
I have to leave you with a picture of my new babies. I have probably been driving my facebook friends of the cuteness of them, but I just cant help myself. My pup is Darby Augustus a redbone coonhound and the kitten is Cleatus a stray Hadley brought home. They are too sweet and the best of friends!