I'm Going to Slice!

Saturday is the start of the annual Slice of Life writing challenge I participate in every year. I can hardly wait.  I still remember my first year and how it changed my writing life forever. I did not write every day, and it took me almost the whole month of February to figure out how to make a blog, and then half of March to get up the courage to post. I did not slice every day, but the days I did it felt good. It felt right. The next March I was full in. I sliced every day (except for the down internet days grrr.) But I did my best and I was faithful.
The writing was great, but the community was even.more. They made me feel welcome. They made me feel worthy. They made me feel like a writer. I made “for life” friends that I have never even met face to face. Michelle, Linda, Elsie, and many more have welcomed me into their writing lives, and I like it there.
That is my goal this year for the Challenge, not only to write each day, but to make others feel something about themselves or their own writing. I think it’s the comments from these women that have changed my writing life much more than just my writing.
So tonight here is my challenge to you. Join the Slice of Life Writing Challenge this March. Allow the fulfillment of personal writing into your blogging. Reach out to the community of writers that will touch your life with their worthwhile and encouraging comments about your writing. You will be glad you did, and find yourself looking forward to next March.  
Last year Stacy one of the creators of the Two Writing Teachers blog asked us to write what the Slice of Life challenge had meant to us. She was going to use it in a graduate class she was teaching (man would have loved to take that class). The other day she asked to use our quotes in  a blog post she was writing about the challenge for the Stenhouse blog. Of course I said YES! How exciting is that!! read her post here


  1. Can you believe it's that time again!?! Here we are going into year five. That first year was very special and one I will never forget either. I love your purpose and drive for this year: make other slicers know what they have to write is valuable! That's going to be my motto too! (If that's okay with you!) Congrats on sharing your thoughts about writing and your words being published!

    By the way ... you have an extra day. March first is Sunday!!! (I had to check my calendar though first just to be sure!)


  2. How cool! Stenhouse? This IS an amazing group of talented writers, and I love reading the stories! See you in March!