A Great Day SOL14 2015

Missing a day of slicing is like cheating on your diet or missing a day of exercise. The guilt is awful. The next day all you can think of is how you’ll do better, how you’ll never let it happen again, how this will be the last time. It’s awful I tell you. But not today.
Today was a great day.
I slept in past dawn.
I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
I talked my hubby into going to Lowes and buying new flooring.
Had a fun conversation with a friend.
Took my daughter lunch.
I played in the yard with my pup.
I found some fruit trees for my yard and went to supper with my hubby and daughter.
And now I am slicing.
It was a good day.
No Guilt! 


  1. It's funny because I think that guilt is what's been eating at me all day today! I missed last Friday night and I think because of it, I've felt less-than-enthusiastic about posting daily. I'm glad to know I'm not alone, and I'm encouraged to keep at it! Thanks for sharing today!

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