Boys Are Rock Stars SOL11 2015

Every morning we spend thirty minutes silently reading in second grade. It gives me time to do “office duties,” the kids (and me) time to settle in. It is time to catch a few readers one on one and listen to kids tell me about a book they’re reading. But mostly it is reading. Silently. For thirty minutes.
The kids love it. I love that they love it. I have been known to give a few extra minute to read when everyone seems content in their spots.
The other day we had such a day. “Can we read until recess Mrs. Klinger?” “Oh we really have a lot to get to, I don’t know.” Pleeeeeessssee they ask. I look around and notice that most of them are reading and not asking.
One book loving girl asks again, “can we please Mrs. Klinger?” I look around one more time. “OK,” I relented, “just until recess.”  Cheers all around.
One of my lil guys happens by about that time. He leans in as if he has a deep dark secret to bestow upon me. I lean in and he says “I knew it, girls are good at convincing.” And then “But boys are good rock stars.”
Cracked me up. Love these kids! 


  1. What a happy moment! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, this just made me smile! I evened leaned into my computer screen to hear this secret! I couldn't wait! Do these kiddos just crack you up every day?! What fun! And I'm glad the debate is finally settled! Ha!