Every Woman I Know SOL8 2015

I have a friend who is one of the strongest people I know. She has faced challenges in life that most of us only read about in books or watch on Lifetime television. She has struggled and attuned, only to struggle again.
She has had a rough time lately. Old habits are hard to break, and sometimes easier to fall back into than face the hurdle of them occurring one.more.time.
But she is hanging in there. She is trying. She is not a quitter.
She has a family that loves her, friends that look up to her, and a child that needs her. But her struggles are real. Her needs are daunting. Yet she trudges through.
The tragedies she tells herself wake her in the night and try to creep into her dreams making a spectacle of her tenacity to do better.
The demons she entertains demoralize the righteousness of her actions and taunt her telling her she doesn’t deserve better. But she does.  
She has a plan, a resolve to do better, to find her way out of the darkness once again.
A plan is good, a step toward the light. I am here for her, holding the torch of faith. Letting her know she is never alone, and home, health, and happiness are but one heartbeat away.
I am so proud of her strength. We will endure this struggle together.
If only just for today. 


  1. Your friend is so lucky to have you to see the strength in her that she might see in herself during trying times. We all need a strong friend like that!

  2. Touching. I hope she reads this and knows how you see her.

  3. Your friend is also lucky to have you right by her side, praying for her, encouraging her, being the friend that you need her to be.