Happy Birthday Hubby SOL#5 2015

Today my hubby turns 5o. We have known each other since he was 17. Thirty-three years we have been in each other’s lives. More than half our lives as friends. More than half our lives in love. 
If you knew my husband you would know that he is a man that feels deeply, but shows little. You would know he is loyal to his final breath and respects that in others. His family is his biggest success story and what he measures all other success by.
He is my best friend and at times my only friend. He is the one that mattered when I was a young girl and the one that makes me feel like I matter today.
He makes me laugh, and holds me when I cry.
He is the one I give a hard time to when he brings me fresh eggs for Valentine’s Day, and windshield wipers for Christmas. But I know has my best interest at heart and always has my back.
He is the one I look for to share with when I’m happy and seek out his arms when I’m not.
His are the stories that want to listen to at the end of the day, and the one that I wait to hear from in morning.
He helps protect our community from fire, and still lights mine.
He is the boy I held hands with and gave my heart to, and today he is the man that holds my heart and would give my hand in marriage all over again.
Happy Birthday to my hubby. My friend. My Love


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your hubby. I love your specific examples. The simplest moments are the best. I love the "at times, my only friend" part because I so agree!

  2. You really painted a picture with words of your husband. What a wonderful story!