I told You SOL#7 2015

Today was a great day. Family, friends, and surprises. 
Today I pulled of a surprise party for my husband. He was surprised. 
I was shocked I pulled it off.
I told him I had a women’s auxiliary meeting at HIS fire department.
I told him I was not happy about it but I would go.
I told him it was a lunch and I had to take potatoes.
He told me not to go, but told him I should.
He helped me carry out the food. He felt bad for me.
I told him I would be ok.
The kids told him they were going to the movies.
About forty five minutes later I called and told him my tire was flat, could he come and take a look at it.
He told me he would.
He came to the department. He was shocked. He was surprised. He told me he hadn’t a clue.
I told you it was a great day! 


  1. That's awesome! Kudos to you for pulling it off. My husband pulled off a surprise that I'm still shocked about for my 30's (which seems like an eternity ago). Isn't it nice when we can truly be surprised/surprise someone we love?

  2. Amazing surprise party planner you are. He is one lucky fellow!

  3. What a great slice! Thanks for sharing that! I am not good at pulling of surprises, and I am not that gracious of a recipient.