Just For Today SOL 10 2015

I forgot to slice yesterday! I felt terrible. It just flat slipped my mind, until about an hour after I’d been in bedat midnightcentral time. It was sad. I did have my kids slice for the first time so there is that!
And today I am blank. I can’t seem to pull the words out to put them down to make any sense. So just for today I’m writing about today.
Just for today I will not worry about hitting snooze one more time.
Just for today I will not shave my legs and not worry about the lack of color on my toes.
Just for today I will not overeat and not drink Diet Pepsi.
Just for today I will drink in the warmth of the sun when I should be cleaning, grading, or writing.
Just for today I will let my pup ride with me to town in the front seat long ears flapping.
Just for today I will turn the music up loud and dance in my living room like no one can see.
Just for today I will give myself a break for the bad and revel in the good and think that tomorrow is a new day live in the now. 

1 comment:

  1. Tammy,
    Funny how you turned not having anything to write about into something amazing to write about. I wish I had that gift. I enjoyed the repetition of your slice today, and the way it started with all you hadn't done but then switched to all you will do instead. Most of all, you reminded us that sometimes it's important to just give ourselves a break and enjoy today.