Sometimes SOL #16 of 30

We started our month long unit on poetry today...just a few days early. Tonight poetry slice of what we all might feel like from time to time. 
Sometimes you feel like you’re standing alone
But I am there.
Sometimes you feel like it’s not enough
But it is a something.
Sometimes you feel like no one is listening
But I hear.
Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one that sees
But I have you in my sight.
Sometimes you feel like a broken record stuck on the same song playing again and again
But I know the next verse, your verse.
Sometimes you will cry and want to give up
But I will dry your eyes and cheer you on.
You’ve got this! 


  1. I can see you walking around your class, offering to be helpful when needed.

  2. You've been missed! But I see and hear you now! Love this sometimes poem!