So, Who is Your Teacher BFF?

Have you been reading the Facebook posts lately about the different types of teachers, and if you have a “teacher bff?” I have to say I’ve never given much thought as to what type of teaching personality I have or my fellow teachers have. But I do know that after reading the articles I can see myself and others in the A or B traits and most especially the introverts.
It’s the teacher “bff’s” that has sparked the most interest with me. I knew when I started teaching I would forge relationships with my students, and even thought that I’d probably get close to a few of my special parents. But I have to say I never dreamed how enriched my life would become from the friendships I have reaped while working with these amazing women; my teacher bff’s.
I am so blessed to have more than one go to gal in my school. We are not only there for each other on school days, but these are people I genuinely enjoy sharing my life with outside of school.
If I’m having a down day there is always at least one there to pick me up. If I am exploding with ideas and excitement someone is always there to cheer with me (or listen to my crazy ideas and thoughts). If I’m having a sad mom moment they are there to wipe my tears or cry along with me. Annoying hubby day, they chime in with their best “mines annoying too” stories.  The list is endless and the gratitude I feel toward them is eternal.
I am blogging today because of one such friend. She asks me about my blog and when I tell her I feel no one reads or cares what I write, she simply says “I do.” She lifts me up when she’s the one that should be lifted.
To say these women are amazing and our relationships cherished is an understatement. They make me want to be a better teacher, friend, and person. They are who I laugh with, cry with, and feel the need to be a part of their lives and them mine.
I started teaching because of the kids- what keeps me teaching are the relationships. Do you have a teacher bff? I am so blessed to have a few.