Time To Make The Donuts!

Do you do donut math?
Do you know about donut math?
Am I the last to know about donut math?
I read about this somewhere the other day for multiplication fluency. But I cannot remember whereso I promise I am not trying to steal anyone’s thunderor donuts. 
So if this is your idea please say so! I’d like to thank you.
The teacher I read about drew two donuts on the board. In the “holes” she/he put a number. On the donut itself she/he wrote some random (or maybe not so random) numbers. The students then came up two at a time and raced to find the product of the two numbers. 
Brilliant I tell you.
So I thought why not addition! And subtraction. And money. Really anything could work. I tried it last week by just drawing the donuts on the board and the kids L-O-V-E-D it. They asked each day after that when we could do “donut math” again.
I decided instead of on the whiteboard it work better for me as a center. 
So tonight I am making donuts.
I bought some small cheapo paper plates at the store. I got two different colors of sharpie and wa-la. Donuts.
I decided I would use one color for subtraction and one for addition for better housekeeping and so the kiddos could easily know which is which. 
I’m going to have them write the answers on our little dry erase boards and work in pairs so they can check each other and self-check. I may even throw in a bag of mini donuts as a treat when then finish the center!
So off I go to make the donuts! 

Have a super week Y'all!



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