Starting Overs

Starting over. Nobody likes do it. But unfortunately (or fortunately) we all do at one point in our life or another.  Starting over seems to be a theme in our lives lately. Maybe its our age, or the season of our lives, but whatever the reason starting over is what the theme has become in my family this year.
Its not something I mind too much or become worried about. Maybe its the teacher in me that acknowledges and welcomes the chance to start over. Its a time to try again or sometimes try something wholly different. Ive become accustomed to starting lesson plans over. I often start over with new teaching skills and strategies. I sometimes even completely start over from the very (or new beginning) the next day when things dont go as well as Id hoped.
We have to. As teachers if we see our kiddos struggling or trying to grasp a concept we dont have the luxury of saying oh well. We start again. We find that method or thing that will help the kiddos understand and get what they need to, sometimes its in one or two tries, sometimes its in twenty.
I think starting over gives us a chance to rewrite us. It gives us a chance to put on the slate of our composition the things we hope to be, and then decide what we need to show to others. It gives us that fresh new blank start to a whole new beginning.
Summer is that welcomed time before starting over. Its my time to reflect and relive the things that worked and the things that didnt. It gives me the chance to sort out in my mind and on paper how I want my new beginning, my fresh start of a new school season to play out. Sometimes Donnie will look at me and ask whats wrong? He says I look as though Im mad or looking through him. What he doesnt realize is Im replaying the moments in my school year that I want to give a fresh start to next year. Its not that Im not listening to him-Im just starting over in my mind the school year I just left behind. J How do I explain that??
This year everyone in my family has had a taste at starting over. My son and daughter in law both moved to exciting new jobs. My daughter moved to a new state and a new teaching job, her boyfriend graduated college and started a new job. And Donnie lost his job of twenty plus years and started a new one. Thats a lot of change. Thats a lot of new pages to fill up and begin again. Thats a lot of starting overs.
Soon itll be my turn to start over with a new group of kiddos and a bucket full of ideas Ive been turning over in my mind.  

I can hardly wait. 

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