Gather New Friends

The other day I was talking to a “friend” on Facebook. And I said “you don’t know me very well.” And her reply was “aww I don’t. But you’re pretty awesome so far.” That has stayed with me since she said it. We “met” through social media, from a common interest, Rae Dunn pottery. I really don’t know this girl or many others that I have had friendly conversations with about pottery; but I feel as if we have been friends for years.

This pottery has brought me many beautiful pieces of pottery for my home, but it has brought me so much more. I have met sweet and interesting people from many parts of the US. Places that I have never traveled to or seen, but now that I have met these woman I find a desire to visit each one.

The irony in my new obsession and need to collect is that the very first piece I collected was a mug with my OLW for this year. GATHER. I knew as soon as I saw the mug I had to have it because of the connection. What I didn’t know was what this one little mug would bring me. What relationships and friendships I would “gather” from a mug.
So for my friend Karina I plan to Gather here every day until Thanksgiving to gather my thoughts and gather my words to help my friend get to know me a little better, and then we do finally meet face to face it will be as if we have known each other forever


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