I Believe...

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I believe in Santa Claus. I’m a thirty year old mother of two and I still believe in Santa Claus…

That was the beginning of the very first paper I ever wrote in college. I was thirty years old and taking college classes for the very first time in my life. I didn’t know anything about writing. I didn’t know anything about college classes or even if I could pass a college class. But I knew I wanted to, and I knew I wanted to teach. So when the instructor asked us to write about something we believed in I did the only thing I knew. I wrote from my heart.

The essay ended up be much more than a whimsical belief in Santa Claus (of course) it was a gateway to some childhood memories that although they weren’t the happiest, they told the story of the resilience of a mother and the child-like understanding that not everything is like it seems, but if you believe…in something…someone you can make it through.